irish red

The batch of irish red that I brewed has a lot of head and carbonation. I have to be careful how I pour in the glass and it takes around five minutes to settle down. This was the first batch I made,
I held it in the primary around two weeks and transferred it to the secondary for two weeks. I used five ounces of priming sugar at bottling. I let it set at around sixty-five degrees for ten to fourteen days before refrigerating. A friend of mine also had the same issue with this kit. Other than the super active head it tastes great.

There are a couple things that could cause this. One is that it may have stalled and not fermented out completely and then when you got it primed it started again and finished with more carbonation than anticipated. Did you make a yeast starter and pitch the proper amount of yeast? The other thing is that there could have been a small amount of bacteria or wild yeast which has caused it to ferment more than expected in the bottles.

The next time you brew it, use 3.5-4oz sugar and be careful that the bottles and all other equipment that comes in contact with the finished beer is clean and sanitized.

Seems early for an infection, but possible. I’ve had some older beer act as you describe.

Over priming is likely to be a contributing factor like mentioned. Pick up a kitchen scale and measure your sugar, assuming you just used the 5oz bag in the kit. Use any of a number of calculators to figure how much sugar you need. For the temp, use the warmest temp the beer was at.

Try this on a few bottles because I hear this works. Pop off the bottle cap and quickly replace with a new sanitize one. Then wait about a week for the bottle to equalize out again. Some people will say it will get oxidized but if it’s that over carbonated the CO2 escaping will not let any O2 in. Worth a try on 2 or 3 bottles to see what happens.