Irish Red expieriment

Brewed up my version of an Irish red and wanted to share. I brewed a 10 gallon batch and pitched 34/70 lager yeast to one bucket at 50deg and s-04 to another at 64deg. Bothe have fermented to about .009. The un carbonated samples both taste good. As expected the lager is very clean tasting and the ale has a little more flavor. I’m cold crashing the lager now and will keg in a couple days, I’ll crash the ale after that. I think they will be two completely different beers and can’t wait for the carbonated version. I do this a lot,splitting batches lager and ale. Anyone else doing this? What beers do you do?

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I have done an ale/lager split batch before with Pilsner/sasion 34/70 / belle (didn’t turn out well. My fault not the yeast) But I mostly do split batches with different dry hops, sometimes different ale yeast.

I’ve split a Pilsner and saison also and they came out very well. I used 34/70 and 3711. What do you think was the problem with yours.

I was having an issue with ph meter and added way toi much acid to the sparge water.