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Irish red ale bottling question

I followed directions to the letter and was very careful to sanitize everything thoroughly. Though I pitched the yeast at 68f. After six days at a constant temp. of 62-64f the krausen was gone and I counted an hour in between bubbles. So I racked into the secondary and it has a good deep red color too.

Is it ok to bottle after only 10 days in the secondary? and would it be better to use the original priming sugar or can I use prime dose capsules?

First, you should not have racked to a secondary vessel until hydrometer readings indicated fermentation was complete.
Second, a secondary isn’t really needed.
The beer would have finished fermenting on the yeast cake. There would have been more yeast available to clean up natural off flavors produced by the fermentation. The beer would have cleared just as well in the primary as a secondary vessel.
Take hydrometer readings over the next week or two to establish a final gravity. Bottle when successive readings are the same.
You can prime by either method. If your FG is higher than expected, keep track of the carbonation level in the bottles, no bombs allowed.

I was reading that I ordered a hydrometer now hopefully it gets here unbroken. That should be included in the starter kit since it’s so important. Better late than never I guess.

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