Irish Red Ale additions?

Since I can’t wait for two more months to drink the Belgian Tripel and I only have a dozen Bavarian heffe’ left, we are going to do an extract 5 gallon batch of the Irish red ale.

If you guys were brewing this… Would you add anything extra to enhance the flavor or boost the ABV ?

I’m not seeking anything in particular just curious to try something as an experiment without totally jeopardizing the batch.

After this batch I should have my all grain set up complete and will give that a try.

Thank you as always!


Nope. Unless you can’t stand I.R.s I would leave this one as it is(is it the NB kit?). The beauty of an Irish Red is it’s ready for packaging quickly and ready to drink within 3 weeks from the time it hits the bucket. Although I do my own recipe now, I have done the NB kit multiple times in the past. It turns out a beautiful clear red, nice malty beer.
But, having said that, if you prefer a hoppier brew, you can always hit it with a C-hop at 20 and 5 minutes and again as a dryhop and make something more like an American Amber.

I had my best results with this extract brew by adding all the extract at the beginning of the boil and fermenting WY 1272 not over 64°F.
Seems adding all the extract at the beginning of the boil enhanced the malt and mellowed the 60 minute bitterness. The cool fermentation reduced fruity flavors.

Thank you for the advice, I will just leave it alone.

Just tapped a keg of that kit. I added a pound of table sugar just for the slight boost. I have been doing kits while away from our northern home and made it without boiling the extract. I will post a thread on how that went but so far my wife seems to be in a competition to drink more of it than me :grinning: So I guess it turned out good.

I also used Kveik yeast do to the lack of temp control I have right now.

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