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Irish Moss

I want to try this in my next brew. Been reading good things. However, I have a question. It says to use 1 tsp for a five gallon batch. Do I need to do a full five gallon boil to be able to use or can I put in three gallons of wort and then top off? Will it work the same if I do the latter? Thanks.

You’ll be fine with the same amount. I use it all the time and I don’t measure a strict 1 tsp. I just eyeball the amount in the bottle cap and toss it into the boil.

Noticed you were in the same town. Just wanted to say hi!

I am actually brewing in a few moments and I’m going to try 1/2 tsp with a partial boil and top it off later. Unfortunately I won’t be able to really have a response for a few weeks.

Like he said. The exact amount isn’t all that critical. If it was, there would be guidelines for how to scale the amount based on the expected OG of the wort, etc.

One thing I’ve found that really seems to make a difference is to rehydrate the Irish Moss before I toss it in. I’ll put about my teaspoon of IM in a small glass, and add an ounce or two of water just after I get the boil going. 5 minutes before flame out, toss it all in.

I forgot the irish moss during my last brewing session. Didn’t appreciate it until I noticed how clear my wort was coming out of the chiller- usually there’s a pretty big cold break. I was bummed to have to expect a cloudy beer. However, I fined it with gelatin at kegging and pulled a nice, clear beer from the tap yesterday! Yea!

I find that my liver filters my beer just fine.

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