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iPhone label making app

I am considering developing an iPhone app that allows users to create template-based custom beer labels that are professionally printed and then delivered. I haven’t done anything just yet, I am more or less looking to see if there is any interest out there. Good idea or nip this one in the bud?

Just a few more questions:

  1. What would you look for in the designs? Emulate popular brands or totally different stuff?
  2. Just off the top of your head, what features would you look for in an app?
  3. And most importantly, how much would you be willing to pay per label?


My 1st thought would be that it need to be easy to use. I can’t see any possibility of that on a android/iphone situation. You need to be able to click, drag, and type text. PITA on a 3.5" screen and no mouse.

But, I don’t own either. So take that into consideration.

would be better suited for tablet platform and need something like photoshop. Personally i wouldn’t add anymore to the cost of bottling

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