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IPa with WY1728

Anybody done this combo? Pitched this slurry into a galaxy/idaho7 IPA…curious if anybody has used this yeast in an “American” IPA?

She went deep…1.066 to 1.006.

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You sure? That’s 90% AA. That’s awfully high attenuation for that yeast. I do confes I’ve never pitched it in an IPA and maybe you added sugar to help drive the attenuation.

Still, might want to make sure it’s done and a bug didn’t get in there.

There was a half pound of sugar…5.5# of two row and 1# of light munich…3g batch. The slurry came from a RIS that went 1.100 to 1.024…yeasties were ready for some easy sugar :grinning:

Ahh I see. An over pitch!

I’m not sure of the consequences of re-using yeast from a 1.100 beer, but it’s certainly not ideal yeast for harvesting. They tend to… misbehave.

By the time i dumped the remaining beer off…most of the yeast cake went with it :slight_smile: first hydro sample tasted good…we shall see how she is in a week.

Did sample a bottle of the RIS this weekend…its a pseudo imperial biscotti break from evil twin…twas tasty.

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