IPA turned out malty and sweet! Help

So I brewed NB’s Indian Pale Ale. I did a full boil and tried to follow the recipe exactly. I didn’t make a great starter (0.5L using intermittent shaking). The OG 1.064 and FG was 1.016 so it did end a little high. The final taste isn’t balanced with too malty of a taste. I used St Paul tap water treated with Campden tablets. I believe the sulfate and chloride ppm is 21 to 36ppm, respectively.
Any thoughts on how to help this beer? Dry hop now? Can you adjust sulfate/chloride ratio after fermentation?

Is it already carbonated? What yeast was it fermented with? Fermentation temperature & how long?

I think you’re worrying too much about the salts.

Wyeast 1056. Two weeks primary. 1 month secondary.Temp. was about 65F. It is currently kegged and carbonated.

Did your starter finish & completely settle out? For this batch I would just drink it & try for better next time.

At 74% ADF you weren’t far off, possibly from yeast health, stress or even the 65F fermentation. I love using 1056 between 62 & 65 but it does take extra time to finish up & can appear to be done before it actually is. I would skip the secondary & let it go a little longer next time. If you pitched an incomplete starter 74%ADF would be perfectly normal.

I thought the starter had finished and settled but I now know that I made a much smaller starter than I should have. I did decant 1/2 of the liquid and used the remainder to help transfer the settled yeast.

Definitely a possibility, but I would expect an under-pitch to still finish albeit with a little more time & a few stress-related off-flavors. Temperature shock could also play a part if there was a considerable difference between the starter & wort. Not my assumption, but another possibility.

Dry hop now with leaf hops in a nylon bag. Keep at room temp for a few days then put it back on tap.

you can add gypsum to the keg to ‘brighten’ the hop flavor, yes. I would start with a teaspoon and go from there - stir very, very gently.

Was this an extract batch? Sometimes they end a bit high.

No I don’t expect it to be a temperature shock issue. Yes this was an extract. I haven’t heard of anyone adding salts to a finished beer. Would others recommend adding salts now? What kind of hops would you recommend?