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IPA recipe help

I brewed a recipe this past December that I really liked. It was

8pnd LME
1 pnd Caramel 20
1 pnd Carapils
60 min 1 oz Magnum
5 min 1oz Citra
5 min .5 oz Centennial
2 pks 05 yeast
1 wk dry hop of:
1 oz Citra
.5 oz Centennial

It turned out fantastic. The best beer I’ve made yet. Of course it’s gone now. It was a made up recipe based loosely on a failed Manny’s Pale Ale clone I tried.

The Summit is there because I have a half pound to get rid of. The Citra and Cent because they worked out awesome in the last brew, and the Amarillo because I’ve never tried it and have seen it goes well with the C hops.

That said, before I brew the same recipe again, I figured I’d switch it up some more.

8pnds LME
1 pnd Caramel 60
1 pnd Carapils
60 min 1oz Summit
5 min Citra
5 min Centennial
2pk 05
Dry hope 1oz Amarillo

What do you guys think? I’ve never brewed with Amarillo. Too many different hop varieties or will it be drinkable?

i think you will be very happy with the hop change. and the C60 will give you a deeper color. i would consider adding a 15min hop addition (maybe a mix of summit, cent, and citra), but that will bump up the bitterness a bit

regardless, it will defiantly be drinkable

Thanks for the advice. I recently bought a case of LME and want to play with different off shoots of that recipe so it looks as though you’ve just given me another beer to make! Thanks

Looks good. With more specialty malt, you can bump up the bitterness and finishing hops to balance it off. Unless you’re limited with hops, I always use 15, 10, 5, and 0 additions for IPAs.

This is very close to the black IPA extract kit from NB. The kit comes with cascade for the 15 and dry hop, but I changed it up and used simcoes this time. I think you will be more than happy with what you have there.

I… REALLY REALLY try to like IPAs… but not really a huge fan of really hoppy beer… Like more of the sweet tasting beers… Bitter is sometimes good but the the overwhelming smell and taste of the hops in IPAs just steers me away… Any IPAs that arent so “hoppy” you can recommend?

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