Ipa help

So my question is using standard safal dry yeast with a saved yeast from. Previous. Batch which was white labs. And should I maintain 66 degrees and ferment slow or let it come up to llowerr 70s will it make. Difference from what I read from you guys the pros is time and temp this is the.key! First time I have used a yeast 2nd time I love this beer. Any advise will be appreciated thanks chip

Been sampling? :wink:

I think I understand your question, but just in case I didn’t, feel free to ask again. Whether it’s dry yeast or saved yeast, get it to your fermentation temp, or just below. I’m guessing you’re using us-05 or the white labs equivalent? Mid 60’s is best.

And to add, after 4-5 days allow it to rise to 70°ish

I like to leave mine fermenting at 64-ish and not change the temp… 2 weeks works fine, then onto the keg,gelatin, cold crash, for as long as you can tolerate…. As far as mixing yeasts together, that would be a whole new conversation, I like to find a yeast that I like and not mix it up. But, then you can look at Sierra pale ale, bottle conditioned and as I’ve read, not with their primary yeast, so there you have a mixing/blending of yeasts… I’ll bet others will weigh in on their tastes… Sneezles61