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IPA dry hopping

Recently made an ipa and am trying to find some different hops to dry hop it with. The recipe was 2 lbs 2 row, 1lb crystal 60 and 6 lbs light extract. Hop schedule was .5 oz columbus@60, .5 simcoe @35, .5 simcoe @ 15 and .5 Columbus and 1oz simcoe @5. I’m thinking of dry hopping with 2oz centennial and one ounce each of Columbus and simcoe. How does this sound?

Do like cetenial for dry hop. Cimcoe more a bittering hop


Surly Furious ( Furious - Surly Brewing Co. ) (assuming the clone recipes are ‘correct’) would be an example of an IPA that was/is dry-hopped with simcoe.

NB had a Furious clone kit that dry hopped with Simcoe:

BYO also has a clone recipe that dry-hops with SImcoe:

The plinian legacy kit also uses simcoe and all the other hops I mentioned as dry hops. One of the best beers I’ve made after 6 years of brewing

That’s an quite a bit of dry hops. That’s gong to absorb a lot of beer. Be prepared for that if you use 4 oz,

Simcoe is a luscious late hop.

I will be the odd duck out… Surly Furious, tastes like a gym sock smells… Thats me… I enjoy Cascade, Golding, Galena, and a few others that don’t mask the malt… Sure seems like alot of crystal for an IPA… Sneezles61

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