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Iodophor questions

So I picked up iodophor today to try it out. But need some info. Which strength do you mix it to the 12.5 or 25 ppm forgot to ask when I bought it? Also the clerk at the store mentioned no need to use gloves is this true? The warnings state to avoid skin contact but she implied you did not need to unless you had an issue with iodine. She also mentioned some people spray it into the air in the work space has anyone done this?

12.5 ppm with 1-2 min contact time is sufficient for no-rinse sanitization. And it is fairly mild as far as skin contact goes; that’s one of its big advantages over acid-based sanitizers.

As far as spraying it into the air, I don’t see any harm. But I doubt you’ll do any real good either. Try not to conduct cold-side operations in times/places where there’s a lot of airborne dust.

Typically it is one ounce (30ml) per 5 gallons of water. Contact should be at least a couple of minutes, and it’s good to rinse with water after. The color will become lighter as time goes on, from a rust to a light yellow.

[quote=“BrownsBeers”]it’s good to rinse with water after.[/quote]No, it isn’t, that’s the whole point of no rinse sanitizers. If you rinse with tap water after sanitizing you defeat the whole purpose.

I’ve used Iodophor for many years, it’s a great no rinse sanitizer when mixed at the right concentrations, I’ve never had any off flavors or ill effects.

I mix 1 gallon at a time. I figured it at 3cc/gallon.

Mix it over/in the sink so if you spill you don’t stain the counter.

I have tasted several beers with iodophor flavors so be careful with that stuff. There are a few of us out there that can taste that stuff when it is not used correctly. My friend that uses it all the time rinses with sterile water that he autoclaves. Most of my friends are using star san these days for their no rinse sanitizer.

I switched over to star san with my most recent batches, and won’t look back (better measuring, less off flavor). I have many brewing friends that love the Iodophore style sanitizers. Either I suck at measuring (which is certainly possible) or I have a smell for that stuff in the finished beer. But again, many brewing friends that like it and won’t use anything else.

Got this from a LHBS. I use the additions at the bottom of the page for no-rinse applications:

Iodophor Information

One ounce = Two Tablespoons = Six Teaspoons
One-half ounce = One Tablespoon = Three Teaspoons
1/10 ounce = 1/5 Tablespoon = 3/5 Teaspoon
2/10 ounce = 2/5 Tablespoon = 1 1/5 Teaspoon
The proper concentration for Iodophor are: 12.5 ppm. For no-rinse; and
25.0 ppm. For rinsing

1/10 ounce Iodophor in 1 gal. water yields 12.5 ppm. = 1/5 Tablespoon = 3/5 Teaspoon
2/10 ounce Iodophor in 1 gal. water yields 25.0 ppm. = 2/5 Tablespoon = 1 1/5 Teaspoon

For sanitation purposes, slightly over 12.5 ppm. Is fine but not more than 25.0 ppm.

½ gal. – ½ Teaspoon
1 gal. – ¾ Teaspoon
2 gal. – ½ Tablespoon
5 gal. – 1 Tablespoon
6.5 gal. – 1 Tablespoon + 1 Teaspoon

For those who have “tasted” iodophor in beers - What does it taste like? What off flavors? Just curious because I have always preferred iodophor and wonder what to look for to see if it is showing up in my beer. I do have starsan on hand too, but iodine has always seemed to work.

It would taste like iodine.

It tastes and smells like the iodine my mother put on my cuts and scrapes when I was a kid. Of course in beer there is just a hint of this with the malt and hops. I had a happy childhood, but this is definitely not the way I want to have a childhood flashback.

If you use it in the proper concentration (12.5 ppm), it should not cause you any problems.

I haven’t entered many beers in competition (maybe 20 or so), but no judge has ever commented on any sanitizer related off-flavors, nor have I ever noticed them myself (I’ve been using iodophor as my primary sanitizer for years).

Should I get a test kit to be safe or trust my measurements? I picked up a new gallow container recently with marking becuase I was concerned my measurements might be off a little which might be effecting my OG.

Below is a good article on iodophor. Towards the bottom is a summary of taste test at different concentration levels.

I can honestly say I have been using teat wash (idophor) from Fleet farm for the last 15 years. I use 1oz. per 5 gallons. No one has ever said they have smelled or tasted it. I do not rinse. I keep 1 gallon on hand for spraying on stoppers and airlocks for the occasional air lock blowout (krausen) Other than my equipment having a light brown color, I would never have any hesitation using it. Beats the heck out of using bleach, and a whole lot cheaper than other products on the market. I use Agrimaster iodine udderwash. It costs approximately $8 for a gallon here in La Crosse. I have contacted the company directly and they stated that if your local water supply is treated with chlorine it wouldn’t hurt but is not necessary.

Yeah, maybe for washing cow teats! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is interesting though - I wonder if the cow teat wash application is how iodophor used for beer truly originated.

I’ve used iodophor for years and do rinse in some cases. I’ve noticed that when I use it on a carboy and set the carboy on my home made carboy drainer it will dry but leave a strong iodine smell behind and that makes me nervous.

That article was an interesting read.

When speaking to the company I was asking about using the product for sanitizing breweing equipment, not cows. Darn things just don’t like the cold water and keep running away.

If they were saying additional sanitizing agents are unnecessary in chlorinated water, I bet they were thinking along the lines of how chlorine counteracts some water impurities, but not microbiological level preferred sanitation for brewing that common practice dictates requires chemical sanitizer of some sort. Since they apparently thought chlorinated water is acceptable for brewing in the first place shows a lack of understanding about brewing.

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