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Introduction and updates about the forum

Hi everyone,

My name is Craig B. and I am the new NB liaison to the forum. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the forum or brewing in general. I work for Northern Brewer in the Customer Service department and have many years of brewing experience​.​ If I do not have an answer for your question, I can certainly ​ask one of the other highly skilled brewers here​! ​Among all of us here, we should be able to come up with something!

​Along with being a resource,​ I am also here to work with you on any concerns you have about the forum itself. If you have questions about functionality or ​suggestions for ​possible improvements, just shoot me a message.​ ​For example, ​w​e know there has been concern over ​the loss of ​some of the older posts when we switched to the new forum software. ​When we switched over, we wanted to bring over relevant threads and leave some of the unused stuff behind. We missed the mark, as some of those older threads were clearly used as resources, even though they hadn’t had recent activity. ​Due to the feedback we received, we are now going back and importing an additional 2 years worth of posts to the new forum​!​ It will likely take us a few weeks to go through all of this extra data and import it​, so hang tight, but know that your suggestions were the drivers behind this change, so thank you!

​Again, please feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to ​interacting and ​working with all of you.


We spoke, you listened. Thanks

Cool. Glad to hear some of the legacy content is returning!

Appreciate it Craig!

Cool. Nice work

This is great news. Just to know someone is listening makes the forum better.

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The update is going to be happening this Friday evening from 6pm - 3am CST. We will be bringing over any post that was updated or created in the past 4 years.

There are a few limitations, however. We will not be able to bring any pics or links from the old posts. If you are the owner of those missing items and would like them to be replaced, I would recommend updating the posting after the update. We apologize for not being able to move these to the new forum.

If you have any other questions about the update, please message me.

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Any possibility of bringing over the lost private messages? I had some good recipe discussions with people which are now all gone.

I can look into the lost PMs for you but I am not certain if it is possible due to differences between the two messaging systems.

I am disappointed that all of my DIYs are gone, and all of my pictures are gone, and 90% of my posts are gone too.
I don’t even have list of all of the DIYs I had on hear so there is no way to replace them, nor do I have the time.

I am also disappointed that the EZ Brew Excel spreadsheet is no longer on the forum and I am not allowed to upload it.

I guess I just found this post now (thanks to greg).

Craig, I thank you and the NB team for bringing back a couple more years of history. It’s not everything I would have hoped for, but the gesture is appreciated. Personally what I would like to see most is for links to be restored. I realize that might have become impossible, and if so, it’s a major loss. But, it is what it is I suppose. I do thank you for the gesture.

I just joined the forum so there are so many things I don’t know yet, I hope to have the help of the boards, and I really want to get to know you all on the forum.

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Hi @Dahhrrey ask away. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here. Who love to help.
What do you want to make and what’s your brewing setup? I started with a Mr Beer kit as a Christmas present many years ago and while I’ve upgrade my gear and knowledge since then I’m still always learning.

Yes welcome to the forum home brewing is fun. My first bit of advice is brew alot. Never just order 1 kit

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Honored to be here among the veterans!
Excited to read about all the brewing experiences…

Cool. Great work.

Welcome. Tell us about your brewing.

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Hi I am new at this forum . Its my first post. You did really nice work.

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