Intimidated by NB's #1

I would like to make the new NB’s Number 1 limited edition AG kit and make 1 case for Christmas 2013 and 1 case for Christmas 2014. I just read the new Zymurgy and the article on big beers and I feel kind of intimidated. Any sage advice for someone attempting their first 12+ ABV beer. I plan on a 2 ltr. starter,3 week primary, 9 month,bulk secondary, and bottle around Nov. 1st. 2013. Any input would be appreciated. PS I did a bulk aged Barley Wine for this Christmas that turned out really good.

1st I was going to suggest a good amount of simple sugars to dry it out. I see they have 2lbs in the kit.

Make sure you have a good thermometer. Mash lower like they say, ~149.

Mr. Malty suggest a 3.5l starter on a stir plate. Can you split the starter in 2 containers for a bigger cell count? Cleaned milk jugs would work in a pinch.

Start the fermentation in the lower temps. Then raise to the mid 70’s after 3-5 days to help the yeast stay happy.

I have not read the article. What about it has you worried?

I see that it calls for 2# of corn sugar, if I were doing it I wouldn’t add the sugar to the boil, about 4-5 days into the primary I’d boil the sugar in a quart or so of water, cool it and add it to the fermenter. Let the yeast knock down those complex sugars first then reward them with the simple stuff.

If you bottle in Nov. and hope to carb by Christmas, you may want to add extra yeast, especially after a secondary of that long…