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Insulating Steel Mashtun

Does anyone have a megapot 1.2 10gal mashtun? I’m looking for ways to insulate it to keep my mash temp stable. Used it for the first time yesterday a d it would only hold temps for about 15min. Very much a pain in the ass. Is holding the temp important? I heated my strike water to 163. Added grains, it dipped to 152 where I wanted it. But after 15min it dropped to 149, and I had to reheat it 3x. Huge pain as I have 1 burner and was heating my sparge water.

I’ll add I am in Florida and it was 71degrees out

Holding an exact constant isn’t necessary… Start out a little higher mash temp… I think some of the mashers around here may wrap a sleeping bag around it… How about that thermal bubble wrap? Many ideas… Sneezles61

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I came across one that looked like they velcro’d some reflective bubble wrap on their kettle…may try that approach. Sleeping bag sounds like a good idea

That was me and it works perfectly

Was it 3m velcro tape you used? Can I direct fire if I only cover the top 2/3 of kettle? I may do both my hlt and mash tun. Uploading…

I BIAB so there is never a need to fire up the kettle once it has reached mash temperatures.

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I wrap my Megapots in a couple comforters here in Michigan and bungee ‘em. Sometimes on the burner (NO FLAME!) or on a bench. Might lose a degree or two but generally hold very well. There’s lots of mass in the bottom of those pots so if you can insulate that you can hold even better.


Probably don’t need any i

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