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Instant Pot

We’ve had an Instant Pot for a couple of months now. I used to tease Instant Pot owners that they had joined a cult but I have to admit it’s a pretty handy kitchen appliance that I’ve really come to love using. Anyone else here using one? Have recipes to share? I really enjoy using it as a rice cooker and slow cooker which frees up the burners on my stove for other things. We use a lot dry beans here and the instant pot does a great job on them. A little slower than a pressure cooker but still great.

We don’t have an Instant Pot (yet) but have an Aroma rice cooker. I can’t say we are thrilled with it. It can’t even cook simple white rice to the right consistency. The my wife picked up parboiled rice because the store was out of about any other rice. Must be rice is a secret COVID cure. It turns out perfect on the stovetop. So now the Aroma collects dust.

The other kitchen gadget we have is an air fryer. If you have a convection oven, you already have one. It’s kind of cool making stuff that almost tastes deep fried but I’m not sure it’s worth the mess and cleanup.

The instant pot rice recipes calls for 1cup of water for every cup of rice. I find a touch more water helps. It’s fun to replace the water with other fluids chicken stock, vegetable stock, coconut milk/ curry. If you throw some onions or garlic in there they get vaporized and add to the flavor.
The Instant Pot has an Air Fryer version. Since we are in an apartment I have to say the an all-in-one type machine has its appeal because of reduced stuff. I’m not ready to get rid of my slow cooker yet. But we got rid of our pressure cooker.
We have the Duo Evo Plus 6 quart and it meets the needs of a family of 4 pretty well.

You can also sanitize your masks with it.—heres-how/ar-BB17F0Ix

We’ve got one and use the heck out of it. Put a venison neck roast in it with some taters, onion,salt, pepper, and garlic. It came out very tender and done perfectly! We use it to make Zatarains and doctor it up w/extra rice and protein. Great appliance!

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I was corrected by my wife on the parboiled rice. She fixes in the microwave. Really easy.

I can still remember my moms pressure cooker with the little thing on the lid that danced around. In retrospect I bet it was dangerous but like a lot of things back then we survived.

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I’m going to try making yogurt soon. Since it holds a temperature so I also want to try a mini mash for fun.

The yogurt that I made turned out amazing

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