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Installing HopBlocker on non-B'mann kettle

Hey! I just picked up a HopBlocker on eBay (saved about $7 from my LHBS, but seven bucks is seven bucks!), but I don’t have a Blichmann kettle.

The instructions from Blichmann’s website say to install in a non-Boilermaker kettle to: “A 1/2” outside diameter drain tube with a 90 deg bend (not included) will need to be installed 3" from the bottom of the pot. The bottom of the tube should be about 3/8"-1/2" from the bottom of the pot or keg. Since you can’t rotate the tube to thread it into the inside of your pot when the tube is inserted into the HopBlocker, you will need a flare or compression connection so you can tighten the tube in-place without turning the tube."

Is there a clearer way of describing what I need to do? Has anybody else hooked one up into their kettle?


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