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Insight Gravity well- Bourbon barrel vs. Scotch barrel aged

Anybody here head over to Insight over the weekend for the Gravity Well release? Curious on anyone’s opinions on the three versions they tapped. Here are my first thoughts (I haven’t cracked any bottles open, these are just thoughts from tap pours in cheap plastic cups):

Original (2015 reserve)- Probably my favorite of the local imperial stouts (I know, bold statement, but I stand by it). Great mouthfeel, residual sweetness- it kind of reminds me of creme brulee.

Bourbon barrel aged- A good match. There are more successfully barrel aged beers out there, though. The oaky flavors are not quite meshed with the stout yet, but hopefully, sitting on the bottle I bought will meld things together more.

Scotch barrel aged- I’m not sure on this one. It’s subtle, but the only thing that seems to have been added from scotch barrels is sweetness. None of the vanilla/clove/spice you typically think of when drinking a BA stout. I guess that makes sense. No peaty smokiness, which was a relief.

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