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Innkeeper is amazing!

Wow! I just tried an Innkeeper I had in the closet (6 weeks in the bottle now) and its absolutely amazing! This beer just gets better and better each time I try it! And its cleared up wonderfully…a golden orange color and crystal clear…beautiful white head and nice lacing on the glass! I’m in love!!!

Agreed!!! I just brewed a 10 gallon batch a few weeks ago just to make sure I don’t run out. I am going to try floating it with my nutbrown porter to see how it performs as a black and tan.

Beer needs 6 weeks at least. It gets better at 3 months.

True dat. And it’s not just the Inkeeper.
I find that most beers seem to benefit from a 2-3 month aging, and even longer for the strong ones. I ‘lager’ all of my ales.
If I need something quick, I’ll brew up a brown ale.
Another trick is to keep a long aged stock ale on hand: Blending some good, matured beer in to a freshly racked keg does wonders for improving the flavor of a new beer from the git-go, when you need to.

I’m about to have a pint! :cheers:

I recently made a ten gallon batch. I substituted homegrown Fuggles for the Styrian Goldings. I fermented with Wyeast 1469 (West Yorkshire.) The yeast gave it a strong apricot character, and I wasn’t sure I liked it, but it grew on me and it’s mellowing over time. I split the batch and dry-hopped one with an ounce of EKG (I think Kris England recommended this in some thread.) The dry-hopped one is just more well-rounded.

I will brew it again with slight alterations. I’ll probably cut the bitterness back just a little. I’m considering using a different yeast like Wyeast 1318 (London III.)

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