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Inkbird temp controller with wifi

Upgraded my itc-308 to the wifi version. At one point I wanted to make something with raspberry pi to log data but never did. It isn’t much more expensive then the non wifi version. The app needs a little work but overall its nice. Making adjustments is pretty easy from the app no matter where you are and it has a temp graph. Now if I could get a Tilt hydrometer and thermometer that would be awesome.

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I like how you are getting gizmo’d up! I’ll like to see you set up in a year… Once the bells, horns and whistles are in operation! Sneezles61

I built this to get me out of the garage. Didn’t had a ladder like I’ve seen used to hook the pulley to. Brewed a couple hefeweizens clones on back to back nights a week ago. Just tried to keep it easy and fun. I really need a second chest freezer so I can ferment while serving in my currently dual purpose keezementor chamber.


But you have that swing set in the back already :grinning:


And a wagon to move your equipment around. That little plastic play gym could be converted to a brew table

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