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Inkbird. Question

Me in the progress. Of building new kegurator. My wife leaves tomorow to miami. So did ask her to bring from walmart. A inkbird. Itc 3085. Any one on this forum uses this model. Important is it easy to use.

I’m not familiar with this product and am unable to locate inkbird 3085 online so I’m assuming the model number is incorrect.

I do have an inkbird controller, I believe the ITC-308 and it is indeed easy to use.

Mine is also the 308. Has been working great for a couple of years now.

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Yes oeps its the 308s. Me watching some you tube video. Kind of confused watching some of these. So gonna buy this one.

Did buy new chest freezer. Have to pick it up. Next week. Only question. Do it turn the dial on full power on the temp controller of the fridge. Or leave it to zero. Because the inkbird. Will controll the freezer.

If it works like the old fashion controller I have, all it does is turn off the power to the fridge or freezer when the temp goes to low. I think a freezer at it’s lowest setting would be too cold for beer serving temp so it won’t make any difference. Just don’t set it to off.

If you put the freezer on it’s coldest setting it will get to the set point quicker then shut off. That’s how I have both of mine set.


Speaking of cold… We may have a frosting of snow in the AM !! :grin: THIS is the season I really enjoy best! Sneezles61
PS, to tie it into brews, Hanging by the backyard fire quaffing some of those bigger brews is like a piece of heaven here on earth… er, perhaps, MY idea of it!

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Here a other day of heat. No wind. 130fh. Pfff. Only thing to do. Airco. And cold beer

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