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Initial burst of fermenation bubbles, then very quiet

This is my first time brewing. I’m using the Amber Block Party kit. After adding yeast, I was getting vigorous bubbles through the airlock within 16 hours. Now, about 24 hours later, the bubbling has slowed to a crawl. The foaming on the top had been about 1/2" thick, now seems to have collapsed. Is my brew dead? Thanks.

Hi! Welcome to the forum. Your beer is not dead, it’s fine… you had a warm vigorous fermentationand it’s winding down/ finishing at present. This is common in first brews/new brewers. In the future look into temperature control for brewing and you will make even better beer. Something as simple as a swamp cooler or as elaborate as a spare refrigerator with a temperature controller/override.

I’d give it another week or so, then you could likely package it.

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Many thanks, voodoo_donut

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Just so you know for the next time… This “foam” is called trub. It forms at the top of your beer inside the fermenter, and then ALWAYS “disappears”. In reality, it gets heavier and then drops down to the bottom of the fermenter. When you take the beer out, it’s called racking off the top because you are taking the beer and leaving the solids that were at the bottom. You’ll see all the gunk once the beer is out of the fermenter

Actually the foam that forms on top is called Krausen, the trub is the “gunk at the bottom”.


Shoot that’s what I meant to say. Got distracted and my brain went on auto pilot.

I was about to respond “yea that’s what I said” until I went back and re-read my post. Face palm

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Now may be a good time for a pint, eh?


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