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Ingredients added at wrong time intervals

Well I just finished brewing my first batch of beer and I think I messed up.
I used the Bavarian Hefeweizen Extract Kit. My first mistake was instead of adding 1/2 of the liquid extract at boil, I only added 1/4 because I could not see through the extract jug how much I actually used until it settled, so at that point I poured the other 1/4 in. Second mistake, I added the other 1/2 of the extract and dry extract at 15 minutes into the boil instead of the last 15 minutes of the boil.
The wort is dark brown in color, not at all like the picture on the box. I went ahead and pitched the yeast, hoping for the best.
Do you think it will be drinkable?

Your fine.

Yup, you’re good.

It could be darker due to scorching, but generally speaking, don’t worry about the color in the pic. You can add all the extract at the beginning of the boil and you’d be fine.

Now be patient until you package, then patient before you drink. Tough, I know.

Thanks for the replies, I feel better now.
I don’t think I scorched as I stirred frequently and nothing was burned on the bottom of the brew kettle.
Another question, I assume it makes no difference whether you do a full boil vs a partial boil. The instructions specified using 2.5 gallons during the boil then adding the other 2.5 in the fermentor, I used 5.25 in my 10 gallon pot. Am I correct?

It should be fine but if the recipe is designed for 2.5 gal boil the amount of hops may be greater than what you would need if you did a full boil. I don’t think in the heff it would matter to much there probably is not much hops anyway.

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