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Since my local home brew shops have closed Im forced to by online which has its problems. Ive found some places that I can buy 10lb bags which qualifies for discount shipping. Still not as cheap as buying bulk locally. It’s a bit more work on my part to keep the cost of my hobby down. It limits the spur of the minute brewing a bit. I’ve noticed more places offering more grain options in 10 lbs but paying $3+ more per pound is unsustainable. It’s almost driving the cost up to buying a kit which to me is taking away half the fun. I’m still able to find deal’s under $2/lb but then that place has the hops and yeat over priced, so I end up splitting my order. Actually you can get free shipping and buy from Amazon and but I’d much prefer to have a relationship with a brewing business at least. Just venting here


Any breweries you could become friends with? Plan your shopping run to a big city and make a side stop for a brew and a sack of barley… I used to do that until our local brewery opened up. I do get yeast from them once in a while. Hops, but they don’t carry a wide selection… specialty malts have come from our host.

I hear people say that and I guess if I were a regular customer of a brewery I could go begging. But still couldn’t get everything I need but thats not the point. Obviously brewing supply stores don’t make money selling grain. And as far as buying equipment once you settle on a setup you don’t need much more equipment contrary to the advertising. Very few new brewers. Heck I figured the pandemic would spark a new interest in homebrewing. It did not it sparked a home delivery boom and not just alcohol. I know people who make a nice living driving people to the airport and delivering food. Anyway big pullback from beer now. The money is in seltzers. I think we will see fewer and fewer online brewshops following the brick and mortar pullback. Hey NB saw the writing on the wall and sold out years ago. Made their money and got out. Were in a closed loop scenario

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Yeah, lotsa seltzer out there. I’ll think there is a younger generation that doesn’t want to be crafty.
Our local brewery was a few home brewers that took the plunge. I enjoy talking with them. The first 5 years they about starved to death, so buying grains helped. A few of us do. Now they are a bit bigger, comfortable in their business and I still enjoy visiting with them.
I’ll bet there’ll still be a few home brewers chasing this hobby. Not like it was in the beginning. I could see the big breweries buying brew supply stores. After all, it’s what they make a living at… Brewing.

Our local ABC liquor store, a huge chain down here in Florida, has essentially gutted their beer selection and shelf space for beer and ale. it appears to be seltzer, hard cider, and mixers that have taken all the new space.

A buddy of mine who does all the cash registers for package stores around here told me a couple years ago that they sell more seltzer than beer I believe its probably worse now. Breweries were opening left and right now closing left and right.

Yeah got to look for sales. Sadly the cost of everything has went up substantially so this is also passed to the consumer. IMO, for a brewery to succeed in this market, they need to diversify their portfolio. Whether that be making other beverages, such as seltzers, or adding a restaurant, you need something other than just beer.
We did see an uptick of homebrewing when the pandemic started, and some coming back to the hobby. But as you said, with many states passing beer delivery laws it went away just as quick. To me, homebrewing is down because they’re soooo many breweries. I can essentially find what I want and not take a month to make it.

more beer 15% off everything for leap year. They have the best price on grains plus free shipping for spending $59 which is pretty easy. Their hops are expensive though so I get those elsewhere.

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I shop several vendors. I add everything to my cart and check shipping. Lowest price gets my business :man_shrugging:.
Although some say there is no such thing as free shipping as the price has the shipping figured in, it’s hard to beat. I will often buy five or six 10lb bags for the free shipping.
Recently an online vendor I check out had some 50lb bags on sale. Some for as low as $10. Shipping was going to be $300 for 3 bags. :joy:. I promptly passed.

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I shall stick my neck out and believe any one reading this understands…. There ain’t nuttin’ free.
Also, you want a supply-er that is constant… do give them business. Brick and mortar stores cost. For those of us that have brewed for a long time, you know what very good brew costs to buy in a package… to be able to brew one of those and get it right, priceless… and the cost of raw ingredients is considerably less.
Now, what are you gonna do…. Buy it in a can or make it?
Make your own damn beer!!