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Ingredient rations during additions

So I know the ratio of the ingredients in most recipes follow the traditional ratios of koji:rice:water ratio of 25:100:160. I’ve also seen it written that we double the volume of the brew with each addition…but I’ve noticed when I was working the numbers for my latest batch that the ratios of each addition don’t follow the above ratio and that the volume only very loosely doubles each time.

Have a look at these. The top is if I follow the Taylor-MadeAK guide or Fred Eckhardt’s. The bottom is all the ratio’s the same and actually doubling each time.


So, aside from “it’s traditional” and/or “don’t fix what isn’t broken”, can anyone care or able to chime in about their thoughts brewing with the 2nd set of additions.

The only part I have serious concerns (well, minor concerns) is the extra koji in the Moto addition in the traditional method and the ‘extra’ koji in the ‘balanced’ method in the Tomezoe addition.



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