Infusion vs diffusion

Doing my pour over coffee this morning and it got me thinking again. Now I can make a pour over coffee, diffusion, and get a completely different cup doing a French press, infusion, and wondering how this would relate to mashing if at all. Now a fly sparge would be a diffusion but that is done after the mash which would be a infusion. What if we could somehow do a complete mash as a pour over

Some mental gymnastics here. You would do a “bloom” with 10# of grain with 195° water. Then pour over 1L of 152° water every 5 minutes for 60 minutes. That should get you 6.5 gallons. Would it even work?

Think you got to stir more often to get the grains at the bottom of mash tun as well. Unless you start out small amount of grains. First. And before pouring hot water you add more grains pour stir. Wait. More grains. Pour water untill enough grains and water than wait. Only thing this way a longer mash time i do think

Yes it would be hard to get all the grain wet with only the gallon but what if you used the minimum amount of water and made a super thick mash then sparged the remainder timing for 1 hr at mash temperature. This would only work for single Infusion. Not saying it’s practical and not talking efficiency %. Wondering about flavors like in the coffee analogy. Can’t believe I’m still thinking on this.

You musta bonked yer head Brew Cat… You got up, went to the bed post and… BONK! :grin:
IF we follow right, there needs to be enzymes to do conversion… at 195, we denature… fancy word for stop… the enzymes that do the conversion… ALTHOUGH… With a very dark/roasted malt this would work fine to extract color/flavor… Sneezles61

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No the 195 deg water in 68 degree grain ends up 152 ° silly. It won’t stop conversion

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But I believe takes a minimum of 15 mins to convert even some of the sugars. If you wait, you essentially completed a mash with an extremely low water:grain ratio.

Well you wouldn’t wait you would constantly pulse water through the grain kind of like recirculating except you use clear water. I was kind of thinking about the conversation we were having with Noob about the wort not being able to Cary more sugar the higher the gravity. This would be the opposite the water passing through could Cary more sugar. Just thinking about it is all

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I would try it brew a 1 gal batch. See if it goes. If not happy. You can allways. Make a malt drink. Only thing. Not all the sugars convert. Doing a full mash. I think.