Infectioned Gose?

Just added fruit puree yesterday. is this infected?
smells and tastes good!

Nope. Mine was uglier than that and I was assured it was fine came out great

awesome. I may have actually gotten this recipe from you.

did you post a Gose clone/recipe a while back?

5lbs pilsner
2.5 lbs white wheat?

Don’t remember but that sounds good. What flavor fruit did you use

5 gal tart cherry
5 gal strawberry… yummy

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Leave the locker off and you’ll have some extra… terrior? Sneezles61

Unless you kettle soured, a gose should be infected… but that looks like a nice clean Krausen from the yeast fermenting the added sugars in the fruit.

I kettle soured my last gose and still formed a pelical. The currents where frozen then brought to a boil. Maybe I didn’t boil it long enough .

To be safe, you might want to consider that fermenter to be your dedicated sour fermenter.

I done brett in all my fermenters and used the same siphon with no cross contamination issues to date.

That’s strange, boiling will pretty much kill anything that can survive in beer. Who knows how the microbes got in there, could have been anything exposed on the cold side.

I did kettle sour. Boiled for 10 minutes when it was sour enough for my liking.

I have an ESB in it now. I’ll see if it sours

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