I’ve got about 4 cases of homebrew on hand, they have all been bottled at least 4 weeks time or so. I’ve drank some within a 3 week window after being chilled down for a couple days and everything is fine. Beer tastes good, perfect carb. But now after roughly the 4-6 week mark i’m starting to get gushers from bottles. They are being stored at 68F and i stick them in the fridge usually a night in advance. I’ve got a suspect siphon hose that im ditching, but does this sound pretty typical of the gusher bug?

If a beer goes from nicely carbed to gushing, and you don’t have some bottles that are flat (which would indicate that you have a priming sugar distribution problem instead), it’s likely an infection. Put all the bottles in the fridge now to slow it down and drink them quickly. If they’re really gushering, open them in the sink and let the carbonation settle down, then pour into a glass. Unfortunately, when this happens the sediment gets pulled off the bottom of the bottle, so you’re going to have cloudy beer.

Yeah i also prime to correct levels and all the bottles are even. That damn siphon hose has got to be it. I also bottle a brett beer a month ago, but bleached bombed everything that touched it and did get a new bottling spigot since then, i’m still thinking just my hose is the culprit, it actually smells bad. Pretty poor practice on my part, i’ll get new tubing and if it still isn’t solved i’ll be getting all new bottling equip.