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Indian Pale Lager... Here we go!

I’ve been thinking about this for months, and after finally finishing my masters degree, the time is now! Here is my recipe. All suggestions/ comments/ concerns appreciated!

9 lbs German pale
1 lb carahell (lovibond similar to c10)
.5 lbs German Vienna
.5 carapils
.5 lbs cane sugar

OG approx. 1.062

1 oz cascade @ fwh
.4 oz magnum @ 60
1 oz cascade @ 15

1 oz cascade
1 oz Columbus
1 oz calypso

All 3 oz at flameout.

2 liter starter of wyeast 2007 Pilsen lager yeast

Dry hop with same hops used at flameout.

Ferment @ 48 degrees.



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