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In progress question!

So I’ve got my secondary soaking with star-San as I type. I’m getting ready to dry-hop an imperial black IPA (OG 1.091) sitting in my primary since 1/31, I want to let it sit for another week.

I’m just wondering if I should so a clean rack and make sure not to get any of the trub, or be sure if I should rack some of the yeast cake into the secondary?

I know that I don’t NEED to even rack it to dry-hop, but I need to clear up my primary (I know, get another one) to brew again tomorrow

I could really use some feedback


Others will chime in, but i’m quite sure you should try to bring it over with out sucking up too much of your yeast cake. You will get some though, as it will stir up a bit when you move it, but since you are moving it to a secondary, it will drop out anyway.

You want some of the yeast cake in the secondary and try not to get the trub below it. You will get some I’m sure, hard not too. It will not hurt it.

Cool, thanks guys. I kinda figured as much. I usually dry-hop in the primary, and I knew the east would affect it. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks guys.

The big question is have you reach a FG that you were expecting? If you were expecting 1.020 and you are setting at 1.030, keep in on the yeast cake and mix it up if you can.

Otherwise, transfer as little as possible. Enough will get over on it’s own.

So it was a success ! SG 1.020 est. ABV 8.8% it kinda tasted more like a stout due to all the special B and carafa III

I was expecting a FG of 1.022 so I’m happy with the results. Only thing I’m a little disappointed with is the taste. But I know for future reference, just up the pale and reduce the special B. Still tasted like a great CDA.

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