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Improved brew room

Rainy today. Decided to do some inside work. After nine years in the new house finally got rid of the OSB scrap that rested on the back of the sink. It was developing some black mold on the bottom. Not the best where beer is fermented. Back splash if three-eighths inch thick. Same composition as some synthetic cutting boards like the one hanging on the left side.

The cabinet on the right goes this winter as soon as I have the new shop organized.

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Wish I had the room to do that. I’m stuck with my basement laundry room and no room to expand. I do have cabinets for storage and counter space but really nowhere to hang and store the bigger equipment. There is also a huge old double wide stove in the room that I have used in the winter for partial boils. That came in handy but that was the only time I have ever used it. Drives me crazy that I cant always organize my stuff the way I want to.

I know what yta mean… My brew gear is speed around 3 areas…I,m constantly arainging and re arainging…always have to set up and tear down…sucks but I gotta brew lol

Hey Flars, I see yer hydronic heating plumbing along side yer sink. Do you have a tap and return so you could HERMS yer mash-tun? Sneezles61

It’s a sealed system. Wouldn’t want to take the chance of introducing an air bubble. The tubing probably wouldn’t withstand mash temperatures for too long either.

I was thinking hydraulic type fitting would be employed and the heat from the boiler would heat the mash-tun and never come in contact with yer brew… Just dreaming again… Sneezles61

I, too, have hydronic heat. They are really simple to bleed.

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My brew room full full took the room of my grandson . Haha he got to sleep now in the guestroom when he does come over . Think more expending next year to stainless steel fermentors . Haha this might lead to divorce she thinks beer brew project does get out of hand

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Very nice hydronic system I am assuming that is for in floor heat in your basement?

Right. Even heat source for managing fermentors. Feels good too when not wearing shoes.

First things first… the fermenters… :wink:

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