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Importance of the air lock

I have a chest freezer that I use for fermenting. The deep part is good for the ale pail, but the hump makes it so that an ale pale with the air lock is too high. Without the air lock I can fit the second in there. Given that the freezer, once closed is basically a sealed vessel that nothing will fall into and the space will fill with CO2 over the fermentation time,is the airlock really any benefit? I would think that leaving it off would cause no harm. Thoughts?

This might work but there would be some risk. Stuff floating in the air may drop in when the fermentation chamber is opened. I would cover most of the top of the fermentor with plastic wrap. Tape down most of the edges to keep it from moving off.

Use a blow off tube inserted right into the grommet in the lid.

Two good options. I think I have to go with flars though because it’s so tight that the cover of the freezer almost touches the top of the bucket lid. A blow off tube would actually prevent it from closing and sealing

I have the same problem. I leave off the airlock and lay a Star San soaked paper towel over the hole and have never had a problem . I do side by side one with air lock one without they come out exactly the same.

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Use a blow over hose. Or cut a piece of the airlock off. Just enough so it fits in your fridge. this might only works i you do use a 3 piece airlock.

cant understand the obsession with airtight fermenters

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I don’t feel it is being obsessive. Just an extra level of security against infection. May only be for peace of mind that something perceived as good is being done.

I generally use an airlock but I feel it is more important if you do a secondary.

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I don’t worry once the fermentation starts. With that, Why don’t you put a 2x4 collar betwixt the lid and the freez-mentor? Just like a keeper… Sneezles61

It’s something I have considered many times but just have not gotten around to doing. One day I will and I will no longer have to have an issue.

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Same thing kind of freak . On doing things. Want to do it perfect at least i hope. So ad a airlock maybe you need it or not. I do add one. Kind of try to avoid infection or weird things

Google “Breathable Silicone Stopper” They are about $4. I have one that some company was giving away a few years ago. Basically a purge valve. Lets air (or CO2 or whatever) out but not back in.

I just used it the other day. The three piece had filled up with Kreuzen but it had calmed down so I just stuck the silicone stopper on.

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