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Imperial zest ipa

So here’s a recipe I put together. Just seeing what everyone thought about it before I brewed it. Tips… pointers… ? Thanks guys

5.25 Gal All Grain OG: 1.090 est FG 1.023
ABV 8.7% IBU: 74 SRM: 5.5
60 minute mash at 152DF / 60 minute boil

14lb 2-row
2lb German Munich
1lb honey (5 min boil)
1lb flaked wheat

FWH: 1.5 oz Magnum
10 min: 1oz Columbus
Flame out: 1oz Amarillo
1oz simco
4oz Citra leaf through hopback
Dryhop: 7 days- 2oz Soachi ace
5 days- 1 oz Falconers flight

Other: 1lb honey at 5 minutes
ZEST from 2 lemons at 5 minutes
1 oz ground Indian coriander at 5 minutes

2000 ml starter with WYEAST 1056

Any suggestions thanks fellas! Also one of my most important questions is “How long should I condition / age this type of beer for?”

Your grist looks good. And I like your using honey to dry it out rather than other sugar. THEN, I looked at your hop bill and other additions. Kind of all over the place. I think you’ll make beer, and it will be decent, but I think it will be very very muddled. All these different hops and the coriander and zest are going to just meld into one mess!

Pick a direction and stick to it. Lemon zest with sorachi… same page. Citra, simcoe, Amarillo… same page. Coriander, not so sure. Mix them all together… nope.

My two cents.


I think @loopie_beer nailed it.
For each ingredient ask, what do I hope to get out of THIS that the others won’t give me. It looks like you’re cleaning the almost empty bulk hop bags from the freezer.

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Yeah and no… I have some hops I need to use up, but if they shouldn’t be in there I don’t want them. How could I clean up my hop schedule?

I’ve never used coriander and if this particular recipe shouldn’t call for it then I can use it on a more specific batch.
Thanks for the input

I made a citrus IPA this summer using orange zest that came out nice. I used citra and cascade finishing hops. Mine wasn’t as big either ended up at 6.5%. It might be over the top though. I don’t like to use that many different hops but it’s your beer. I’d probably make two different batches with all those ingredients.

No please give me your opinion. I’m learning and trying to better understand hops and which ones go well together and amounts… thanks

Keep your grist the same and include the honey. For hops keep the magnum (although 1.5oz seems prett bitter), Columbus, Amarillo and Simcoe. Lower your Citra to 1oz (Citra is strong as $hi+). Pick up another ounce of Amarillo. Dry hop with 1oz Citra and 1oz Amarillo.

Drop the sorachi ace, the falconer flight (that dies better with “C” hops) and coriander (use that for a wit and use your slurry of 1056 it will come out like blue moon I have a recipe if interested). Use your sorachi ace and lemon zest in a saison this summer.

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Ok so I went back and checked and I grabbed the wrong bag… I grabbed Apollo which was in the Amarillo box at the LHBS. So…

1oz Apollo- FWH
1oz Simco- 30
1oz Columbus- 5 min
1oz Simco- Flame out
2oz Citra Leaf- Flame out through hopback
1oz Citra Leaf- Dryhop in keg (Possbily 2 if needed)

And I think I’m still gunna do the lemon zest just to see how it comes out. Might not be too bad with the citra. And LOOPIEBEER, I’ll definitely save the slurry and that recipe would be awesome if you could shoot that my way some time. Thanks!!!

Looking at the og of 1.090. I would let it stand. For. 8 to 12 days. Primary fermenter. If you do use a secondary. Transfer. And let it stand. For 6 weeks. To condition.

Thanks brother. That’s the ballpark I was thinking… I hate to wait that long… but I know it’s the truth.

Haha. Yes did brew few weeks a storm the bastille. At 1.088. Got to wait. Ten weeks. But me the same with hops. Still learning. On what kind. Goes with a other. Kind. But did find. A chart. What sort of tells what kind you can use together

I wanted to reply about the bittering hops as well, but , speedy Loopie already covered that ground. Yer grain bill looks good, and as I would work the potential, I use 80%, which you did also… I have been drying out my grain bill for IPA’s and feel it will help bring the hops up to center stage. So with that, look at what the profile description of each of the hops, and then start to think of, would an earthy, dank mingle well with a bright citrus style?… Would a subtle noble hold up well against a highly aromatic one?This is where you tinker with schedules and find out for yourself. Smaller brews and smaller batches will help you hone in on what you want it yer brews… RDWHAHB Sneezles61

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No Amarillo? Im drinking a roggenbier I made with Amarillo. Awesome with rye imo

Well I can get the Amarillo, but i thought I grabbed it from the Amarillo box yesterday. Someone at the shop shoved apollo in the amarillo box…aahhh! Anyways…I think I’m narrowing it down. Thanks fellas

What chart is that?

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Update on the brew:
So the brewday was cold, windy, and raining which made things not as enjoyable… but it went well. I almost forgot to do it, but I lowered my efficiency from 72% to 62% due to the high grain bill. Doing so I added 2 lbs of 2 row.
OG was 1.090 with a little over 5 gallons into the carboy. I attempted using a home made hopback out of a 64 ounce mason jar, but it wouldn’t siphon. I had to dump the whole hops into the kettle and just whirlpool them.
I also added the zest of 2 lemons which gave it an amazing aroma, but the flavor is there but hard to really tell if it’s likeable at this stage.
All N all it went really good except for the hopback issue. Anyone have luck with making and using one of these out of a mason jar? BTW it was gravity fed… no fancy pump. Thanks!

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