I'm an idiot

My thermostat broke for my fermentation chamber (Which is a small freezer). So, I plugged it in this morning before work to cool it down, and 7 hours later remembered to unplug it. The temp was 6 degrees F. Needless to say. I have frozen beer. I was about 3 days into the fermentation.

  1. Warm up and re-pitch?
  2. Let 'er buck and see what happens?
  3. Toss it out and don’t tell my friends?

Any other ideas?

Cheers :x

Thaw and repitch should do the trick. And then call it frost brewed.

Yeah, just add more yeast. You’ll need it. Other than that it will turn out just fine.

Ha, that’s funny I did the same thing. Mine was already fermented though. I was cold crashing and never replaced my temperature probe. Oops. It was nice and clear when it thawed and I racked into the keg.

Im new to brewing, what is a fermentation chamber

A chest freezer plugged into temp control.

Yep, like gdtechvw says, it’s usually a small chest freezer with an external temperature control that allows one to hold their fermentation temperatures in a narrower and more precise range than could be accomplished by fermenting in an open area such as a basement or closet.

Very nice, i will have to look into that. Im on my third batch now, and its getting colder where i live. Cant have it in basement now. Tyvm

If your basement is cold you can use lager yeast until you make a chamber

Low 60’s now

That’s perfect for ales. Fermentation is exothermic, meaning that it produces and releases heat. So if you are simply going by your measured ambient air temps, your wort/beer is likely 3-8° Higher than ambient. The higher the OG the higher the beer will become over ambient temps. In addition, it’s cyclical. As the yeast consumes sugars it produces heat. As the temp rises the yeast become more active thus creating more heat. If it gets too hot you will get byproducts that create off flavors and fusel alcohols. To help maintain steady temps while you research fermentation chambers look into swamp coolers. This is as simple as placing the fermenter into a bucket of water.