Ideas for spare keg?

I’ve got a keg that I bought last year with the idea that some day I would make a keggle, but in the mean time I acquired a 20 gallon pot. It’s a coors keg with the belly, similar to this:

Any ideas on things to do with it? As stated, I don’t need a keggle. I’m also good in the HLT and MLT department. I used it as a fermentor for a while too, but have since gone back to using buckets because it was too heavy to lug around. What I’m after is something “Instructables-esk”; ie, converting it into a nightstand, coffee table, wall art, spaceship, etc.

Ideas or pictures anybody?

If your not looking to use it for brewing, you could always convert it into a grill.

Or give it to a brewer who will brew with it.

BBQ would be awesome if I didn’t already have a nice one. So, any brewers in the Seattle area want a keg? I think I paid $40 for it last year, but I might give it up for a case of your finest homebrew.

Just wanted to point out that if you only paid deposit for the keg, you haven’t really paid for it. New kegs can cost $150 and unless you bought it from a reputable source, I would try and return it to the distributor.

I have been working on blueprints for an awesome time machine. Send a cashiers check for $5000 and I will forward the plans to you. Once it is built, you could then go back in time and get your money back. Haha.

You could clip off the top and turn it into a clock. Would be pretty cool I think.

Oooooo, I like that…