Ideas for for these hops?

I am looking to have a big brewing weekend. I am already planning on doing a simple Raspberry wheat beer. For my other beers I currently have 1.75 oz of EKGs and 2.3oz of homegrown Newports, .2oz homegrown Cascade and .1oz of homegrown Mt. Hood. I am thinking of a separate beer for the EKGs and a separate beer with the homegrown stuff. Any Suggestions?

.1oz? .2oz? Might as well throw them away, to be honest. They won’t do a thing, throw them in any beer, if you really want.

The hops you mentioned are classically polarized, do an english ale with the EKGs, and a low alpha pale ale with the others. You’ll probably want more hops for both, though, to be honest. Otherwise, the beers may come out a bit… boring.