Ideas for Belgian

Next on my brew list is a Blood Orange Hefenweizen (wife’s request) and an IPA. However, I am going to be washing some Wyeast 1214 (Belgian Abbey) soon, so I’ll have that at my disposal for another brew.

Any good recipes for something that would make use of such a yeast?

Perfect for a Belgian strong. I will post best recipe I know and brew when I get through Christmas dinner here and back to the house.

Just racked a Belgian to a keg earlier today. Here is what it shaped out to be:

10lbs German Pilsner
5 lbs Viena
1 lb Crystal 15
1 lb Carapils

.5 oz Magnum added to first runnings
1 oz Magnum at 30 mins
.5 oz Saaz at 15 mins
1 oz Saaz at flameout

Missed my OG due to an experimentation with sparging, but it fermented down to 1.010, so it will sit at about 6.2%, which should be smooth.

If you have another recipe for a Belgian that I can try, I’d love to take a crack at it down the road.

Dark Belgian strong
Og 1.084
Fg 1.015
Ibu 29
Boil 7.5 5.5 in carboy
10 lbs Belgian pale malt
2.5 lbs Belgian Munich malt
1 lb flaked wheat
10 oz special b
8 oz caramunich
5 oz caravienna
1 lb cane sugar end of boil
1 oz styrian golding 60 min
1 oz styrian golding 20 min
1 oz saaz 5 minutes or flame out.