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Idea for a fermentation chamber - already done?

So I’m thinking about the kegerator collar I’m about to build and planning its features. I got to wondering whether anyone has tried drawing cold air from a kegerator and piping/ducting it into an external fermentation chamber. For example, have a port cut into the collar with insulated ducting, a computer fan to draw in cold air, connected to a foam insulated fermentation chamber that would sit on the floor next to the kegerator. When not needed, I would remove the ducting and cover the port in the collar.

Has anyone tried something like this before?

Nope but I don’t think it will work either. A chest freezer has cold walls but it would take a really slow flow of air to exchange the temp.

I use a seperate room with a AC unit to control it. Pics on my websie.

I’m remembering seeing something like what you are describing. I believe you want to have a return line also.

I’ll see if I can find some pictures later.


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2 links with what you describe.

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