IBU levels after fermention

Good Day

Is there a rule of thumb as to the levels of IBU’s in beer after fermentation / fining or cold crashing.

Example. I have calculated 29 IBU’s for a light Pale Ale 4.2% ABV using Nottingham yeast.

Any idea how much is lost through yeast flocculation and the trub?




AFAIK, none is lost. At least, I’ve never heard it being discussed. when I’ve had beers analyzed for IBU they’ve always come very close to what was predicted so I don’t think there’s any IBU loss due to fermentation or trub.

I assumed that the calculations give you the numbers for the finished product. It wouldn’t make much sense to give you the IBU values for an intermediate step that wouldn’t be consumed. Any losses etc would be baked into the hop utilization factors.