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IBU for American pilsner

Where do you like your IBU for an American Pilsner? I have my Uncle Tony’s Lager calculated at 39 IBU. Its cleaning up nice but i feel it needs more bite. Im increasing the carbonation which i think will help. By the way i bittered with NB and used cascade for aroma

I like on the lower side 28ish IBUs

Me like between 30 to 40 dont ask me why mayby the taste

It depends which style you’re making. If trying to duplicate one of the macro lagers, you wouldn’t want to go any higher than about 15 IBUs. But for a Classic American Pils (CAP) more like they brewed >100 years ago, then I like about 30 IBUs in that style. I just made a CAP with 34 IBUs and thought I’d like it just a little better down a notch to closer to 30.

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I’ve made them 35 IBU and thought that a good range. I usually use Magnum which i think is a better storer than NB. So the 39 IBU calculated is probably not right. Certainly doesn’t taste like 39. My reading says the NB can loose 30% after 6 months. That may make this beer closer to 30 IBU realistically

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