iBrewMaster (any good?)

Hey guys, I know BTV loves iBrewMaster but wanted to get the forum’s opinion. Just bought my wife an iPad for Christmas. Is it worth it?

I think so. I got it for my iPhone and it worked great. They even put out a patch when it didn’t work with my version of iOS. I’ve got an android now and will buy that version when its released. It was only about 8 bucks if I remember right.

I’ve used it a little bit. Great program for the price and the interface is pretty slick. I switched back to beersmith only because it has some tools that I use (like the water profile tool). I do still use ibrewmaster to make recipes when I am away from my computer. It’s fully worth the money.

I use it on my iPad an think it’s pretty good. I like the timer and scheduleing features.

My second chance today to comment on iBrewMaster. I’m a big fan, I’ve used it for a couple of years and never had any problems. I do all of my recipe formulation right on it, it’s easy and accurate.

Yep, well worth the $5. It’s a lot of information to throw at you, but after playing with it for a while, the layout makes sense.

I use it as well, I think it is a great tool. I still also create the recipes in beer smith then transfer them over. Thats probably only because you cant load inventory and things of that nature into ibrewmaster as of yet. Though I was told that feature was coming.

I just went to the app store to buy it and it’s $9, it it really worth that much?

I bought Brewpal and Spargepal and found them a bit cumbersome, is iBrewmaster much better?

I have the new version of BeerSmith and have not used it since getting iBrewMaster. I didn’t pay $9 for it but I would have, no doubt.

They charge 9 bucks for 12 packs of bad beer.

I think I only paid $6.99 for mine, several months ago. I love it, I still use promash on my desktop and alot of the calculators come up with different numbers. Dont know which to believe, Im sure promash is wrong since it hasent been updated in a long time and looks like it never will be.

The platform for iBrewmaster determines the cost, but it is definitely worth the cost as upgrades are free and the recipe sharing is available at the touch of, well, your finger.

I thought $9 is kind of cheap. Recipes and such too. It’s a great application. If it cost $50 it would be worth it.

I found Brew Pal a few years back and it works great for me. The only downside is it is a little limited on the grain list, but there are plenty of subs that work well.

I forget the cost, but it is under $10.00

I like it a lot. As previously mentioned, it is great for formulating recipes, and has good scheduling and timer features for those of us who lose track of time easily. Especially when we brew and hang out with buddies at the same time. Highly suggest it. Cheers!

I’m sold. Now I just need to convince the wife to let me steal the iPad every so often for my brew sessions. Appreciate all the candid advice!

I downloaded it and found it to mostly do what I wanted it to do. I like the fact I can go to my LHBS and change the AA’s in the hops right there in my recipe so I know how much to buy after the adjustment since they never are the same from batch to batch. The drawback is when you open a hop in your recipe it doesn’t show the IBU’s for those hops, you have to toggle back and forth to see the change when adjusting the AA’s.

I just wish you could change the strike water measurement from quarts to gallons, since my average batch is 25 gallons I never measure in quarts. I know it’s easy to convert but it’s just one more step I have to take.

I brought beer to a club meeting, when people asked what was in the beer I had all of the info right there in the palm of my hand. It sure beats bringing my 3 ring binder full of recipes…