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I would like to force carbonate my fruit meads for wine or flip top bottles


  I have just finished bottling my first meads and I would like to carbonate a mead esp the ones with a fruit addition. I have been looking at 5 gallon kegs and I have a spare refrigerator in my cellar. What would be the best process to carbonate a mead? At present I only have flip top beer bottles and standard straight neck wine bottles. I have a few champagne bottles if they are the bottle of choice.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated


I wonder if it works the same way as beer. I recently got a carbonator cap that connects to a ball lock tap and then straight to a co2 regulator. That would work for sure.

I have never worked with mead though so Im just guessing. Maybe someone else can validate?

With the right setup you should be able to force carbonate pretty much any liquid.

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