I was gifted a 14 yr old bottle of mead& old beer recipe

I friend have not seen for some time of heard i was making beer and wine and gave me his old home brew equipment. He also gave me a bottle of mead he made 14 yrs ago. I sampled an open bottle he had…nice clear blonde color, sweet taste. The bottle is sealed but was some sediment on the bottom of the bottle. I am thinking of moving it to a new bottle and cork. Should I remove the sediment? He also gave me a beer recipe typed on a old index card:
3.3 lb light malt extract
3 lb amber dried malt extract
1 llb honey
1 0z hops 30 min
1 oz hops 30 min
larger yeast
I later decided to make this beer. What should I used for hops, honey and yeast. Also, i think the hop addition means 1 oz at 60 min then 1 oz at 30 min. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Some of those old recipes come from a time when fresh hops were not readily available to homebrewers. You could use any hop you like depending on flavor and bitterness levels you would like. Probably a lot of the old recipes used Cluster.
Not really any benefit to moving the mead to a new bottle, and you risk oxidation, just pour carefully when you are ready to drink it. You could use a decanter at that time if you want to serve it in an attractive container.