I want to try a blend

I have been looking at the Newcastle Brown Ale process and I would like to take this on but I may need a little help with getting the blend right. Also I want to make a 5 gallon batch. My biggest fear is that I will not reach the desired OG’s after sparging into 2 kettles. Has anyone attempted this?

Don’t understand your question. Is your pot to small to do a five gallon boil? I split my 10 gallons between two pots all the time just do 50/50 for each running and both pots will end up with the same BG.

It’s been years since I read about the Newcastle, but I found the article:

https://byo.com/stories/issue/item/59-5 ... ne-recipes

Hope that can get you going. I’ve never tried it myself, but maybe I should. Report back on how it comes out.

Thanks rebuilt now I see.

Thanks rebuilt. I was also looking at this,

https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/ ... ale-clone/

It has to be tough to hit those OG’s considering it is a 50/50 blend. I am trying to get a game plan going. Any suggestions are appreciated.