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I think I fudged it

Ok… first time ever… rookie here!!! I am working on a Maple Wheat Ale (one gal. Batch). I think that the boil went well, cooled in ice bath, strained my hops out, poured into primary fermenter, pitched half oz of yeast, set in my at 70 deg. Wait, I missed a step… fished out rubber grommet from wort after pushing it through the lid… with hands, not a tool.(<-- came between yeast and airlock bubbled for about 2 - 2 1/2 days… then stopped. hrm… transferred to secondary no action from airlock… also very cloudy. been in the secondary for about 3 days now. did notice a collection of sediment at the bottom, followed by light hazy cloudiness, followed by a color that is almost what I would like to see in my beer, but still really cloudy. Have I botched this batch? is that what it is supposed to do? any advice at this point is welcomed. if you just want to make fun of me… go for it too, I like to laugh at my short comings as well.

The beer will drop clear in a couple of weeks. You’re rushing things which isn’t uncommon for a first time brewer. Primary ought to be left alone for at least a week to ten days. Actually an ale can be left for two weeks and then bottled with no secondary. The bottle carbonation is going to make the yeast grow a little more, then it will settle out clear. There is a low probability that you will get an infection from fishing the grommet out with bare hands, but its not a guaranteed thing by any means. Good luck, and once you get this batch done read some more on here, slow things down and give each step time to work.

Slow and cool will generally win the race. Wheat beers are always hazy due to the proteins in the wheat not settling out quickly. You can fine with gelatin, if you want to drop it clearer quicker, but give it time and start your next batch.

Welcome to the hobby/lifestyle/obsession.


Thanks for the advice, I will keep that in mind. I want to make sure that I have a good time with my new hobby. I suppose that since I put it in the secondary on tues. I should wait for another 2 weeks from then and see how it is then…?? I see little bubbles rising to the top, so I guess it is still working. ha ha. I am such a noobie. thanks for the help.

The first thing that you need to do is send your Rookie initiation fee to me as soon as possible. :wink:

The first thing that you need to do is send your Rookie initiation fee to me as soon as possible. :wink: [/quote]
That is a trademark violation. Question… do you fix eveything with duct tape? We used to get the Red Green show but haven’t seen it in years. I LOVED that show…

Oh man… didn’t realize that rookie fees applied here, I’ll owe ya. Red Green was great!

not sure, but I think I see mold… there is white specks on the glass just about the beer… and up near the neck of the carboy. I will try to get a pic and see if I can post it on here.

I suppose it is possible but the krausen will leave behind scum and crud as it subsides.

a link to the photo

That photo looks pretty normal to me.


a link to the photo[/quote]

Are you sure that isn’t specs of dried yeast that never made it into the wort?

Oh wow I saw the photo at first on my cell and it looked normal (I thought the white stuff was a reflection from the flash). Now that I see it on a desktop it doesn’t look normal to me, but just like mattnaik says it does kinda look like yeast that got stuck to the edges.

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