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I need some help in making a Leinenkugel Canoe Paddler kolsch clone recipe

I really like the taste of Leinenkugel Canoe Paddler kolsch that has rye malt and three hops (Saaz, Sterling, Styrian Goldings). Could anyone suggest a whole grain recipe to use to make this kolsch? Many thanks to anyone who responds to this posting.

I’d suggest you get a kolcsh style from NB and some rye. You’ll need to experiment a bit, but you’ll find what you enjoy! Plus some brews to sample along the way. Sneezles61

These may help with the initial guess on how much rye to use:

edit: should have expanded the search criteria to “rye kolsch” earlier:

I’ve had good results with this…

For 5 gallon batch into bottling bucket / Keg…

7 # 2 row
1 # white wheat
8 oz Rye
8 oz carapils

Mash @ 152 deg F for 1 hour
(bru’n water yellow balanced)
Pre boil vol = 7.25 gal
1 hour boil
1 oz Vanguard 60 min
Post boil vol 6.25 gal
OG= 10.8% Brix (1.043)
5.5 into primary(2 weeks)
Wlp 029 kölsch yeast @ 64 deg F for one week…68 deg for one week
5.25 into secondary(2 weeks @ 68 deg)
FG = 5.0 % Brix (1.009 corrected for presence of alcohol)
Cold crash 2 days
2.6 vol of carbonation

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