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I just can't do it

I use to hate strong IPAs (e.g. Mad Hatter)
Now they are my go to beer (e.g. Mad Hatter amongst others)
NEIPAs are a big hit at craft breweries so I make them to drink now and also to serve to guests (who like them).
NEIPAs are all about Protein filled Grain Bill and adding Hops in Whirlpool and adding a ton in dry hopping.
I welcome NEIPAs to my collection of Brews to serve.

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The hop fields are amazing! My wife and I traveled to the west coast and back on a Harley before I really knew what hops were and pre-WMNoob homebrewing. The day was Bluebird blue skies and the air was absolutely thick with an aroma I’ll never forget. The fields rolled on forever over the hills and were the lushest greenest things we’d seen in awhile out there! My wife asked me what they were and my first guess was hops. Blew me away…

2 Likes here is an article from the Trillium debacle. I guess they tried to make amends. I’m not buying their excuse though. I used to visit them at the Congress St location

That link just takers me to a Weber ad. I found the article, and lots of them, shady stuff.

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I know what Brew Cat wants for Christmas! :wink: Sneezles61

A nitro set up?

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I was going to order one and have it sent to your house… But I didn’t know which wheeler you needed the extra power for? :joy: Sneezles61

I did hear about that crap that Trillium pulled a few months back. I’ve only been to the Congress st location and it didn’t seem like much overhead there to not pay the workers accordingly. Especially at the rates that beer sells for.
@squeegeethree Other Half is expanding to Rochester area. When I was there a few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew and talking some home brew. We looked over some of my recipes and his comment to each 1 was “more hops” but he did say they look solid and asked if I had any samples with. Damn! He encouraged me to find a brewing program and further my education in hopes of pursuing my dream of a brewery gig or starting my own brewpub/smokehouse. Coincidentally, when I got home I heard about a certificate program the local CC is starting in May and I have enrolled. I’m excited for 2019 to say the least!


When you went to the Congress St location we’re they offering tasters? Probably not. I went on a brew tour awhile back and asked why they didn’t go to trillium they said they weren’t interested . I’m sorry maybe they are just cheap. They make good beer though.

My understanding is that they lowered their hourly rate and said that tip sharing would make up the difference. Hard to support that argument across all employees. I thing they backed off on it because of the backlash, but I would not feel good supporting them at this point either.

Everyone needs to make a buck and if you don’t want to give tasters fine. But cut wages from 8$to$5 after building a new brewery. I don’t know that they apologized I just saw they said it was an oversight. I don’t buy that.

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@brewcat they were not offering tasters, just can sales and growler fills if I recall correctly. I’d have to guess they made it right with the employees after the public outcry. Regardless they don’t have to stay if the pay isn’t good, I mean I won’t take a job for $12 simply because I can’t afford that. Still a d!ck move, though!

I’ve always enjoyed their beer and visit them when I’m in Boston. That’s why it was so upsetting to hear. Their excuse was the tips have been good so they make the same at the end of the day. And we make more. Since they are not allowed to share in the tips they dip in a different way. Your right dicks. They made it up to them I guess they knew it would hurt them if they didn’t. I feel bad about bad mouthing them but I feel it’s already out there. I’m not saying don’t buy their beer, it’s great beer.

It would be hard to not buy their beer, it’s definitely the most well-rounded and consistent that I’ve had. I feel both sides of the story really and no one is forced to work there. I’d really like to see the other locations on our next trip. They recently did a west coast style called Headlong and nailed that, too!

I don’t mean to attack you personally @brewmanchu but it comes across as pretty entitled to say “no one is forced to work there”. I mean sure it’s true but some people don’t have the luxiury of shopping around for work due to desperation, limited education, lack of transportation, family responsibility and lots of other reasons we may not even consider. This is why companies like walmart get away with paying low wages and still retain large employment bases. Not everyone can just “get another job” if their employer is a dick.

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There is a word for that example… Greed… If the company was already making money, paying all the bills and some still left in their pocket… Thats called Making a living. The Greed piece… seeing their employees making a nice little living, well, seems they couldn’t tolerate that so here comes the wage shift… to a lower scale! I have a hard time understanding how a company can do that… I wouldn’t support that company.
And the Walfart outfit… Was there last night, the only place that has feline pine for our cats’ box, I come to a conclusion… If you wear sweat pants, have some hardware hanging off your face, and can walk and cell phone at the same time… This is your favorite place to be! Sneezles61

No problems

Don’t like NEIPA, don’t know what they are doing with it but I have a feeling that something “not very good”

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