I hate electric stoves

Brewing the Elegant Bastard kit from out host this morning. While waiting for the boil to start decided I would get tomorrows coffee ready.

While filling the pot 4’ away I look over at the stove and the boil had started alright, all over the stove top. Turned down the heat and of course with electric it continues to boil over until I drag the pot off that burner :rage:

I’m used to propane burners at our house that once you turn down the gas, the disaster is over. Oh well, I cleaned up the mess and got it boiling again at a more manageable pace.

Trying to talk the Mrs. into a small burner to use outside but storage space is at a premium here. I think the condo association will be OK with it as long as I don’t leave it out. I’m on the board of directors here so I can run it by them first.

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We used to cook hotdogs over the gas flame! Such fun…. Electric takes a bit to get used to aw well…… which now, I like better than gas.

One nice thing with the glass top electric is the top can catch smaill amounts of spillage so it doesn’t reach the floor.

We don’t like that the oven door has no window.

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I fondly remember doing this on my electric glass top range pretty much every time I made a starter. Wife ‘loved’ the smell! :joy: