I forgot to aerate before pitching

So I completely spaced and forgot to “dance with the beer” before I pitched my yeast on an IPA. It’s been sitting for a couple of days now, is it ok to just give it a good shaking now? This was also the first time I’ve fermented in a bucket instead of a glass carboy so I can’t really tell how the fermentation is looking. It looks like I had a small krausen but short of opening the bucket I can’t really tell what’s going on.

If it’s been a couple days I wouldn’t bother shaking. If you poured the wort into the bucket you aerated plenty.

I’d crack open the lid and have a look if I was concerned.

I did have to move it to another room due to temperature so I probably shook it a bit when I did that. Definitely don’t like the bucket method since I can’t see what’s happening inside. I’m trying to think of a way to put a “window” in the lid!

Thats why I can never see going away from my glass carboys. I am a voyeur! I like to see what is going on with my beer.

Pitching rehydrated dry yeast and with an OG below 1.052, you might be okay. Dry yeast can be used without aeration if the OG is low enough. My OG estimate is just that. The manufacturers site may have better information.

Just open the damn lid! No problem, I’ve done it hundreds pf times. If you pitched dry yeast, no aeration was really needed anyway.

Just open the damn lid! [/quote]
+1 :lol:

It was dry yeast and I started around 1.045 so you have given me hope! However I do believe I will go open the damn lid! :cheers:

Yeah, not much yeast growth needed with such a small beer. You should be just fine.