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I didn't use enough water in the wort

I inadvertently used one gallon of water to brew the wort instead of the required 2.5 gallons. I filled the fermenter with 4 gallons of water to bring it to 5 gallons. Is this going to be a problem?

Is your OG close to the target OG listed on the recipe?

Recipe did not list an OG but mine was 1.34

you hop utilization will be down. it shouldn’t affect the og.

Will it affect how the beer turns out? Should I pitch it and start again?

Don’t throw it out. It just won’t be as hoppy. What style is it?

1.034 seems pretty low…which recipe is it?

With that much top off water. I bet it just wasn’t mixed good and he got a low reading.

dry irish stout

Yeah, that could be.

Mkids3, I just moved some dry irish stout to secondary. My OG was 1.048, which I believe is right around what the recipe calls for (it should be listed at the top of the left-most column on the recipe sheet).

I’m pretty new to all this myself, but my guess is that yours will turn out OK, maybe just a little on the week side, alcohol wise (assuming it was well mixed when you pulled the OG sample).

Nevermind, my OG was a little high. The recipe calls for 1.042

[pdf]. You’re not too far off. Definitely would let it finish and see what you get.

There are two things that are affected by your lower boil volume. Like someone said, hop alpha acids aren’t isomerized as efficiently in a high sugar solution, so you’ll have slightly less bitterness. The other thing is that if you left the trub behind, the amount of sugar you lost would be higher than if the boil was done with 2.5gal. That could explain your low gravity.

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